Knowing Animals by Simmons, Armstrong, (ed.), Laurence Simmons, Visit Amazon's

By Simmons, Armstrong, (ed.), Laurence Simmons, Visit Amazon's Philip Armstrong Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Philip Armstrong,

Drawing on a number of views -philosophy, literary feedback, paintings background and cultural studies-the essays accumulated the following discover unconventional methods of understanding animals, providing new insights into it appears ordinary relationships among people and different residing beings.

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Will he chase the cat away or simply hurry to “cover the obscenity of the event” (his words again); in short, must he hurry to cover himself ? Caught in the indecision between these two moves, true philosopher that he is, he begins to wonder what ‘responding’ to the animal, an animal, means. , 377). In Derrida’s essay where these events are recounted, “The Animal that Therefore I Am,” Àrst presented at Cerisy in a conference entitled “The Autobiographical Animal” (Mallet 1999), the malaise of this scene in the bathroom plays out over a crossing of borders between human and animal.

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