Arabic Literature of Africa: The Writings of Western Sudanic by John O. Hunwick, R. S. O'Fahey

By John O. Hunwick, R. S. O'Fahey

The fourth quantity of Arabic Literature of Africa bargains with the scholarly and literary creation of authors from Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Niger, and Ghana, from earliest occasions to the current day. The paintings is prepared either domestically and chronologically, and writers are grouped inside chapters in accordance with ethnic, scholarly, or non secular affiliations. A biography of every writer is given the place attainable, earlier than the checklist of his or her writings. for every writer is given an inventory of recognized writings, with info of latest manuscript copies, released variants and translations. There are indexes of authors, titles, first strains of poetry, and a basic index, in addition to a bibliography of all works talked about within the quantity. An preliminary assessment and bankruptcy introductions offer an overview heritage of Islamic studying within the quarter.

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942/1535-6, see GAL S II, 435) on the Mukhtaßar of Khalıl, and compiled the work in a number of fascicles. 2. Fatwı Nayl, 342, records that he gave many. 3. al-Hady fı jamfi wa-na÷m muba††ilt al-ßalt MS: Timbuktu (CEDRAB), 4699. 4. ˘adıth tanbıh al-ghfilın wa-tan÷ım al-akhbr wa-badıfi al-thr Collection of ˛adıths related by Ibn fiAbbs. This work is sometimes attributed to fiUthmn b. Mu˛ammad Fodiye. In addition to the mss listed in ALA, II, 83, add: MSS: Ibadan (CAD), 291; Ibadan (UL), 382; Jos, 19; Manchester, 824E.

Will he go to paradise or not? 3. The invoking of the basmala at the beginning of letters and of all important acts in life. 4. The practices of adherents of certain “brotherhoods”who get together to sing and dance until they are completely exhausted, and who also refuse to observe prayer and fasting, and refrain from learning the Qur√n and ˛adıth, and consider all those who do not follow this path to be heretics. MSS: Alger (BN), 476, ff. 150-3; Timbuktu (CEDRAB), 1102, 2813. THE MIDDLE NIGER TO 1800 25 31.

Amır See Fat˛, 36. This appears to have been an early title for Nayl al-marm (see no. 46 below). ) seems to refer to Fat˛ al-Qadır as such. 13. Fat˛ al-Razzq fı mas√alat al-shakk fı ’l-†alq Written after 1014/1606. MSS: Rabat (KhH), A9615 (majmüfi), Photo 1899; Tamgrout, 2538(4), 2999(12); Timbuktu (CEDRAB). 773. Publ. Fez, 1307/1889-90 (with 2, 19, 21, and 68). 14. Fat˛ al-∑amad al-Fard fı mafin ma˛abbat Allh li’l-fiabd Written after 1012/1603. MSS: Tamgrout, 2018(3); Timbuktu (CEDRAB), 772; Tunis (KhA), 3760, ff.

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