Approaches to Arabic Dialects: A Collection of Articles by Martine Haak, Rudolf Jong, Professor of Arabic and Islam

By Martine Haak, Rudolf Jong, Professor of Arabic and Islam Kees Versteegh

This quantity brings jointly 22 contributions to the learn of Arabic dialects, from the Maghreb to Iraq by means of authors, who're all recognized for his or her paintings during this box. It underscores the significance of other theoretical techniques to the research of dialects, constructing new frameworks for the learn of version and alter within the dialects, whereas providing new information on dialects (e.g., of Jaffa, Southern Sinai, Nigeria, South Morocco and Mosul) and cross-dialectal comparisons (e.g., at the female gender and on relative clauses). This assortment is gifted to Manfred Woidich, some of the most eminent students within the box of Arabic dialectology.

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Table 2: A sample of the Tunisian reading of ∂àd Correct reading Actual reading English gloss mufàwa [∂] àt "alwa [∂] ' "ay [∂] an [∂] idd "i [∂] àfatan fa [∂] lan qa [∂] iyya mufàwa [µ] àt "alwa [µ] ' "ay [µ] an [µ] idd "i [µ] àfatan fa [µ] lan qa [µ] iyya Negotiations The situation Also Against Besides, in addition to Apart from (the fact that . ) Issue 28  - If a phonemic distinction between [∂] and [µ] ever existed, these speakers clearly have no cognitive access to such a distinction (whereas they have no problem in making the distinction between plain interdental and plain stop).

De. 1986. La tradition orale du Mejdûb: Récits et quatrains inédits. Aix-en-Provence: Edisud. —— 1993–1999. Dictionnaire arabe français. 12 Bde. Paris: L’Harmattan. Stillman, Norman A. 1981. “Some notes on the Judeo-Arabic dialect of Sefrou”. Studies in Judaism and Islam presented to Shelomo Dov Goitein, hrsg. von Shelomo Morag, Issachar Ben-Ami & Norman A. Stillman, 230–251. Jerusalem: Hebrew University. —— 1988. The language and culture of the Jews of Sefrou, Morocco: An ethnolinguistic study.

The course of events envisaged for the plain interdental and stop mergers as outlined in Schema 1 is empirically tenable, as can be evidenced in the dialects which did not undergo the merger, and, perhaps even more convincingly, in the dialects which show stable variability in the use of plain interdental and stop, or progressive tendency towards the merger. But, empirical evidence for the merger of the emphatic sounds (in this case in favour of the stop sound) is unavailable in Arabic dialects, since there are no native dialects which maintain the distinction.

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