Animals. A golden exploring earth book by George S Fichter

By George S Fichter

В книге содержится информация о млекопитающих со всего мира - огромные киты, летающие ночью летучие мыши, медведи, тигры, слоны, обезьяны и более two hundred других животных.

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Their vision browser, it has a longer neck for reach­ is extremely poor, however, and much ing down to the ground easily. Its broad of the time they miss their intended lips are squared over a wide mouth. The victim by a wide margin. upper lip of the black rhinoceros is ta­ Both the white and the black rhinoc­ pered into a fingerlike proj ection that is eros of Africa have two horns. The large used in pulling down leaves and branches. hom of the white rhino may be as much A black rhinoceros weighs about l lh tons; as three feet long.

The dried, pancakelike dung be­ came the "buffalo chips" that were burned for heating and cooking. No part of a killed bison was wasted. It was the white hunter who whittled the bison herds into oblivion. Unlike the Indians, the white men used only portions of each animal killed. They favored the meaty, boneless humps, and they also liked the dark tongues. An experienced hunter might kill as many as a hundred animals in a day, but he left most of each carcass to rot on the prairie . Early in the 1 8 80's, after less than 50 years of hunting, most of it in a short period following the Civil War, the bison was facing extinction.

A lion of Africa. There are several color phases, rarely makes a kill unless it is hungry; including one that is all black. The leop­ futhermore, lions will return to a kill ard is considered one of the most cunning the following day, to feast on the remains of the large cats. · until all has been eaten. Lions commonly Among the smaller cats are the bobcat travel in small bands, or prides, that con­ and the lynx. The lynx is found in Eu­ sist of several females, with their off­ rope as well as in North America.

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