Air Chemistry and Radioactivity by Christian E Junge

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Forty five downwards simply because (j at the usual raises with peak; yet this end doesn't stick with from (18. three) whilst the dependency of Kc upon ~o is considered. s 2 ERTELl and PRIESTLEY and SWINBANK have proven that the upward eddy­ flux of brilliant warmth needs to be higher than indicated via (18.

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On the Pfaender, they did not observe diurnal variations and generally the fluctuations were smaller. Thus, the ozone destruction, a t least a t this location, must occur below the level of the mountain station, most likely in the stagnant air near the ground. , on Mt. Capillo (3070 meters) and near Albuquerque (1700 meters above sea level), a t intervals over a 2-year period. On the average of 110 days, the concentration on the mountain was higher by about 40 pglm3. The values a t the higher station showed little fluctuation.

Scp Now Jon. 11. Annual variation of total ozone at various latitudes (Brewer, 1960). ) Vertical motions in the stratosphere are certainly involved in these ozone fluctuations, but again they can be only partly responsible for the phenomenon. The rate of ozone formation or destruction, indicated by the t values above, is too slow below 35 km where most of the ozone is located to account for rapid changes in total ozone. Reed (1949) pointed out that vertical motions in the stratosphere are associated with considerable horizontal divergence or convergence.

4 The Vertical Distribution of Ozone By far most of the ozone is found in the stratosphere and ozone research has become almost synonymous with stratospheric research. Information on the vertical distribution of ozone is crucial for its understanding but is difficult to obtain. Several methods have been developed for determining vertical profiles, some truly ingenious. Gotz’ Urniiehr method is an indirect one based on ground measurements. It involves the measurement of scattered zenith light of two different wavelengths having different and suitable absorption coefficients for ozone.

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