A Textbook on Foreign Exchange by Paul Einzig

By Paul Einzig

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Many banks don't feel committed in such circumstances. Very often quotations are requested solely for the purpose of keeping in touch with the market trend. Banks may be anxious to ascertain the rates at which their rivals across the sea operate, or are prepared to operate, without themselves intending to do business on such rates. It is sometimes worth their while to that end to do actual business in small amounts at the rate quoted to them, and to test the market by being prepared even to deal in larger amounts than the customary minimum to see whether the other bank is prepared to deal in excess of the minimum.

This practice involves no undue risk when the rates are steady so long as dealers are in close touch with the market and adjust their quotations to the prevailing trend. But on hectic days rates are liable to move suddenly and in whichever direction they move the bank, having quoted two-way rates, is liable to suffer a loss if the other bank accepts its quotations immediately. It has the following defences against such losses: (l) Acceptance must be immediate. No excuse for delay (such as faulty telephone line) need be accepted.

Dealer may lose through an unwelcome acceptance of his quotation he may recover by accepting in turn other bank's quotations in similar circumstances. (6) He may safeguard himself by abstaining from making a firm quotation, making it clear that he is merely giving information about prevailing rates. This is often done when the market is all one-way. It is very much a matter of opinion when an acceptance of a quotation is deemed to have been immediate. When banks deal direct with each other immediate means exactly what it says.

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