A programmer's introduction to C# by Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, Jeffrey A. Listfield, Tem

By Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, Jeffrey A. Listfield, Tem R. Nieto, Cheryl H. Yaeger, Marina Zlatkina

Written as an creation to the recent C#, this consultant takes the skilled C programmer a couple of steps past the fundamentals. It covers gadgets, info varieties, and circulate keep watch over, or even delves into a few history at the new Microsoft internet Frameworks surroundings. preserving in brain that this can be for these conversant in C (and even Java), the publication is going into a few of the complex good points and enhancements present in this new language. It additionally deals a comparability among C#, C++, visible easy, and Java.

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WriteLine("Start: {0}", start); } } The x and y components of the Point can be accessed. In the Main() function, a Point is created using the new keyword. For value types, new creates an object on the stack and then calls the appropriate constructor.

What happens, however, if the first count read from the file is a zero? If this happens, the division in CalculateAverage() will throw a DivideByZero-Exception, which will interrupt the file-reading loop. Close() would have been skipped, and the file would have remained open. The code inside the finally block is guaranteed to execute before the exit of the function, whether there is an exception or not. Close() call in the finally block, the file will always be closed. Efficiency and Overhead In languages without garbage collection, adding exception handling is expensive, since all objects within a function must be tracked to make sure that they are properly destroyed if an exception is thrown.

In member functions, the compiler searches local variables and parameters for a name before searching instance members. syntax must be used. x refers to the integer member named x. In addition to the Point class, there is a Test class that contains a Main function that is called to start the program. The Main function creates an instance of the Point class, which will allocate memory for the object and then call the constructor for the class. The constructor will set the values for x and y.

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