A Phoenician-Punic Grammar (Handbuch Der Orientalistik) by Charles R. Krahmalkov

By Charles R. Krahmalkov

This quantity comprises the phonology, orthography, morphology, syntax, language and utilization of the Phoenician-Punic language. It includes examples from texts and dialects, together with fragments of a Punic drama, to deliver to existence the grammatical description of this language. the outline of the literary language holds that stressful and point reference of a given kind of the verb is basically a functionality of syntax, now not morphology.

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930-939). Our knowledge of the Phoenician and Punic morphophonology is based largely on the vocalized Neo-Punic of these texts. II. PHONOLOGY Phoenician of the Early Iron Age, to judge from the Phoenician alphabet of twenty-two letters (graphemes), possessed a repertory of twenty-two consonantal phonemes; the graphemes-phonemes of this periodwere 5 BGDHW ZH T Y K L M N S ' P $ QR S T. In addition to the twenty-two consonantal phonemes, there were the short vowels a ei o u, the long vowels i o a and the contracted diphthongs e o.

EUCLIO: I will not drink it, by Hercules. I'll stick to drinking water! MEGADORUS: EUCLIO: N O , T h e Punic version, concise and perhaps truer to the original, reads: MEGADORUS: EUCLIO: Neste ien. Neste dum et. AL. Anec este mem. MEGADORUS: EUCLIO: We shall drink wine. We shall drink the blood of the vine. N O , I will not. / shall drink water! No less interesting than the specimens of translations of Greek literature is an example of an original play in Punic preserved in the Poenulus. It is a fragment of an entrance monologue of Greco-Rom a n type (Poen.

2 a b u n o m abunom ("their father"). 2 puPa0(ji)V ribbaton [;ribbaatoon] ("our Lady"). lb. 5 bythi bitti ("her daughter"); Poen. 934 yth £it

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