A monograph of the Ithomiidae (Lepidoptera) Part II - The by Richard M Fox

By Richard M Fox

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Aurivillius, 475. Fox, 1951, pp. Bryk, 5 9. Lower Capana Lake, 1 $. , 2 9 . ), 1937, SOC, LXXXVI. III, 181; Allianca, 478. Fox, 1951, 1940, 18, 26. p. 641. p. pp. p. Rio Riley p. pi. 1943, 18, 26. 155; 179; dAlmeida, 47. s. 397, Hyatanahan, p. 397. 1943, 1951, Rio Forbes, p. 26. s, numbered 82 in the British Museum The Aurivillius (Natural History). name and an ab is both a homonym (published posthumously) as pointed out previously The solute synonym, (Fox, 1943). for purusana Aurivillius Bryk name was proposed as a substitute to avoid homonymy, but was not necessary.

On, Peru. ), Staudinger lucifer, 1909, p. 122, Forbes, spots. 9. marsaeus Melinaea Melinaea 1 9. ), Rio Martin, Villavicencio in the American specimen examined: Specimens Colombia: aberrational and Sciences this collections. Cornell University (1885) mistook Staudinger error rare uncommon the not form for the very lucifer Bates and was repeated until the type of lucifer was studied. ), 1 9. ), 1 9. ), 2 S. H, Putumayo M. H, 9. , 2 9. Rio Huallaga 19. ), Chambireyacu, 1 9. ), 1 9. ,19. )? ), (CM, Brazil: Sao de marsaeus Melinaea orestes clara clara p.

Of Melinaea mnemopsis 19-23. Figs. manuelito; Distribution e. egina. Symbols: L, M. e. agricola. 20? , M. Fig. maelus. Symbols: B, M. maelus L, M. maelus mayi; maelus cydon; J, M. brunnea; C, M. maelus purusana; S, M. mnemop madeira; M, M. maelus P, M. maelus maelus; m. maeonis. of Melinaea sis. Distribution B, M. Symbols: Fig m. zamora. m. Distribution of Z, M. Fig. borealis; O, M. Melinaea p. phasiana. p. manga; Fig. P, M. Symbols: M, M. phasiana. Distribution M. m. T, M. of Melinaea hicetas; J, M.

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