A model for Hopfions on the space-time S^3*R by De Carli E., Ferreira L.A.

By De Carli E., Ferreira L.A.

We build static and time established unique soliton options for a thought of scalarfields taking values on a large category of 2 dimensional objective areas, and definedon the 4 dimensional space-time S33R. the development is predicated on an ansatzbuilt out of exact coordinates on S3. The requirement for finite power introduceboundary stipulations that make certain an enormous discrete spectrum of frequencies forthe oscillating recommendations. For the case the place the objective house is the sector S2, weobtain static soliton recommendations with nontrivial Hopf topological fees. In addition,such Hopfions can oscillate in time, keeping their topological Hopf cost, withany of the frequencies belonging to that limitless discrete spectrum

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