A Chosen Few: The Resurrection of European Jewry by Mark Kurlansky

By Mark Kurlansky

In a selected Few, Mark Kurlansky explores the various the explanation why Jews have back to Germany and Poland, and why Jews stay in Europe, how they've got controlled not just to proceed their lifestyle, yet to thrive and prosper. in the course of the lives of people either traditional and recognized, Kurlansky exhibits us the face of ecu Jewry - a face that can put on the scars of persecution, yet seems to be towards a greater destiny with wish and boundless selection.

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1891 1903 ¶ Jews expelled from Moscow. ¶ Herzl backs Uganda as temporary Jewish home. ¶ Kishinev pogrom. 1892 ¶ Workmen’s Circle established, promotes Yiddishist and socialist ideas among Jewish laborers. ¶ American Jewish Historical Society established. 1909 1894 1911–1913 ¶ Dreyfus Affair in France. ¶ Kiev blood libel trial of Mendel Beilis. ¶ Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire kills 146 women workers, most of them Jewish. 1895 ¶ First Jewish federation organized in Boston. ¶ First kibbutz, Degania, and first modern Jewish city, Tel Aviv, founded in Palestine.

1349–1360 1551 ¶ Jews expelled from Hungarian communities. ¶ Polish and Lithuanian Jews appoint their first chief rabbi. 1391–1492 ¶ Inquisition, forced conversions of Jews, and final expulsion of the Jews from Spain. 1554 ¶ Pope Paul IV strengthens anti-Jewish legislation, promotes ghettoization of Jews. c. 1475 ¶ First Hebrew printing press, in Italian and Iberian peninsula. 1555 ¶ Joseph Caro completes his Shulchan Arukh. K xxx Encyclopedia of Judaism 1579 1656 ¶ Rabbi Isaac Luria relocates to Safed.

1867–1870 ¶ Jews granted full emancipation in Austria, Germany, and Italy. 1873 ¶ Union of American Hebrew Congregations (Reform) founded. 1875 1850 ¶ Jews travel to California to sell to gold rush miners; 6 percent of San Francisco population is Jewish, two synagogues created. ¶ Isaac Mayer Wise founds Hebrew Union College, first rabbinical seminary. 1879 1854 ¶ New Jewish agricultural settlement in Palestine, Petach Tikvah. ¶ Zachariah Frankel opens the Jewish Theological Seminary in Breslau, Germany.

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