A Century of Noir: Thirty-two Classic Crime Stories by Max Allan Collins (editor) & Mickey Spillane (editor)

By Max Allan Collins (editor) & Mickey Spillane (editor)

Thirty-two tales of wonderful ingenuity. Thirty-two writers of mythical genius. 100 years of crime fiction in a exceptional assortment.

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Your trouble is that you’re too sensational. ” But I wasn’t going to let Mary Morse go this time. I started after her as she ran toward the hall door. ” She shrugged her shoulders and straightened from the gun. , Race,” she cut in when I would have spoken. “I know your line. ‘There is no sex in crime,’ you were going to say. ” And biting her lips, “I am very proud of my hands. ” This as the door slammed and I picked up the Flame’s gun. No, I didn’t follow Mary Morse. I might have caught her, probably would, but the Flame still had the little green bag in her hand and I didn’t know what all was in it.

She was there in the house with Corrigan when Williams killed him. Williams didn’t expose her then. ” “Williams didn’t expose her because they were once—well, to know the Flame is— ” “To love the Flame is to die,” Raftner snapped in. “That went for all the others. ” “You’re out of your head, man,” Armin said.

I stretched a hand between the slats, had difficulty feeling inside of one, turned the crate over and slipped in my flashlight. Every vase was empty. “There’s nothing in them,” Lee told me. “I have looked into every one. But if you’re thinking of drugs—well, those vases are just a cheap pottery. The drug could be placed right in the mold. ” “No. The stuff might be in only one vase in ten. ” “But if the drug is there why not—” I cut in on him: “But I don’t know it’s there. They may bring the stuff with them later—tonight even—place it in the vases then take them away in a truck.

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