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This e-book is stuffed with transparent revision notes and examination perform questions for A2 Maths scholars. It covers the C3, C4, S2 and M2 modules for the Edexcel examination, and it’s effortless to learn and revise from - everything’s defined easily and carefully. each few pages there are quickly warm-up questions, a few exam-style questions and on the finish of every module there are perform examination papers (answers on the back). There’s additionally a sprinkling of jokes to lighten the temper. It’s precisely what you want to organize on your tests!

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E. there are 3 solutions to the equation 3x2 − x3 − 2 = 0). You can also see from the graph that x = 1 is a root, and the other roots are close to x = −1 and x = 3. 3 -1 -2 Look at the graph above at the root x = 1. For x-values just before the root, f(x) is negative, and just after the root, f(x) is positive. It’s the other way around for the other two roots, but either way: f(x) changes sign as it passes through a root. This is only true for continuous functions — ones that are joined up all the way along with no ‘jumps’ or gaps.

Dx 3) Both u and y are now easy to differentiate: du = 2x and dy = eu du dx 2 dy du dy 4) = × = 2x ∙ eu = 2x ∙ ex dx dx du When y = kf(x) where k is a constant, then dy/dx is just kf ’(x). 6) Put the bits back together and you end up with f’(x) = 2xex + 2ex. 2 7) So when x = 0, f’(x) = 0 + 2e0 = 2. 21). dy 1 = 1 = 1 (since x = ey). Nice eh. Differentiating gives dx = ey, and = x ey dx dx dy c m dy Example Find dy if y = ln (x2 + 3). dx 1) Use the chain rule again for this one: y = ln u and u = x2 + 3.

Read on and learn. Use the Quotient Rule for one function Divided By another A quotient is one function divided by another one. The rule for differentiating quotients looks like this: If y = uv^^ xxhh v du - u dv dy = dx v dx dx 2 EXAMPLE: You could, if you wanted to, just use the product rule on y = uv−1 (try it — you’ll get the same answer). This way is so much quicker and easier though — and it’s on the formula sheet. Find the gradient of the tangent to the curve with equation y = 1) ‘Gradient of tangent’ means differentiate.

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