30-days Guitar Workout: An Exercise Plan For Guitarists by Jody Fisher

By Jody Fisher

A success with academics and scholars alike, this nice choice of workouts and technical reports breaks up the tedium of doing the usual regimen each day. contains day-by-day warm-ups, classes on correct- and left-hand procedure, and extra.

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The agraffes take the place of the pressure bar, and provide a more solid termination point for the speaking lengths of the strings, contributing to better tone quality and tuning stability. In a grand piano, the hammers try to push the strings upward, so the termination 25 Piano Servicing, Tuning, and Rebuilding Doumbearing 2-29 . Agraffes for single, double, and three-string unisons. point must hold them firmly in place. ) Good-quality grand plates have agraffes for this purpose throughout most of the scale, with a capo bar in the highest section where there isn't enough room for agraffes.

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The dotted lines show how the vertical piano keybed rests on projections cast into the plate. 2-38 (right) . Bottom view of upright keybed with piano laid on its back. 33 Piano Servicing, Tuning, and Rebuilding down, to enable the una corda soft pedal to shift the entire ke y frame and action sideways so the treble hammers will hit only two of their three strings . The bottom of the grand key frame has adjustable glides , to minimize friction between key frame and keybed when the action shifts sideways .

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