3K2-decomposition of a graph by Bialostocki A.

By Bialostocki A.

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The names of the various application directories are formed from the combination of application names and version-number variables. Here we assign the directory variables their values. $dot/bin Then we check to see if any command-line switches were used when the function was called. If none are found, the usage statement should be displayed. Note that the echo command uses the -e switch, which enables the use of the escape sequences found in the Usage variable. if [ "$#" -lt 1 ] then echo -e $Usage fi 33 34 CHAPTER 5 ■ ACCEPTING COMMAND-LINE OPTIONS, SWITCHES, AND PARAMETERS If the script did not use the -e switch, it would not format the output properly, instead printing the escape sequences along with the usage information.

This also lets you make library changes in one place that will update the whole environment. A somewhat less desirable method would be to keep the source copies of your libraries in one place for editing and propagate any changes to the remote machines through some utility, such as rsync. The worse case would be to manually copy CHAPTER 2 ■ STANDARD FUNCTION LIBRARY the libraries to each machine when changes are made. This is viable only if you have an environment with only a few systems. If you have a heterogeneous environment, you will always have to cope with minor differences from OS to OS or even between different versions of the same OS.

Gentoo Linux provides an excellent example of a library of shell functions. sh. sh, making sure that you follow the applicable usage guidelines contained within the file. The following are a few functions that I’ve found particularly useful to include in my standard library. The first function is fairly straightforward, but it contains a cool trick. Pass this function any number, and it will determine whether the number is even or odd. This function was originally used in a moderately large environment where various tasks needed to be load-balanced.

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