3-Colorability of plane hypergraphs by Indzheyan S.G.

By Indzheyan S.G.

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I was in radio, Morse code, so I had to get an mos to finish my schooling so I could be identified in case I was called, they would know what my specialty is. So I was about two weeks late, and that was really a downfall for me. Me being late, I was behind, and that’s when Gary Collins had come in. Paul moved me, I was a flankerback, and then they put Gary at flanker, then they moved me to split end. And I think his intent was that Gary and I could both become starters. I had a slow start, and then after two or three weeks I thought I had things going and started having a real good camp, but maybe just wasn’t good enough for Paul, and that’s when he traded eight of us to the Minnesota Vikings.

So when Lou went with the Patriots, he talked about a free agency thing, and I said, “Fine, we’ll sign a contract. ” I just assumed that he was going to be going with another professional team, and fortunately he ended up with the Bills. ” In the process of all that, baseball, I was trying to play but didn’t because of the circumstances. I played a lot of summer ball, I played college ball as well. That was the area that I was going to go into. I knew I was going to have to go into the minor leagues or something of that nature.

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