100 restaurant design principles by Arthur Gao

By Arthur Gao

"Home layout combines the essence of structure and paintings, and architects do their most sensible to discover the hot methods within the numerous contradictions and conflicts to completely show their knowing of area and the proprietors’ preliminary mind's eye. whilst, every one case outfitted continuously comprises many sure or doubtful elements that discuss with the furniture or maybe area composition. each one of those elements turns out to inform a by no means finishing tale and documents people’s feeling of pleasure, confusion, recalling and longing.It is exactly due to those shiny emotional studies that make domestic layout to be fascinating and attractive.In order to demonstrate the essence of every case in a extra exact manner, this ebook has systematically deconstructed each point of the house layout that refers to area, constitution, interface, ornament in addition to unique parts. all the case is illustrated detailedly from the purpose of practical region, in addition to, descriptive textual content and the corresponding plan vividly recur the transformation from aircraft to area, from the summary to the intuition.Reading alongside the structure of the ebook, readers not just locate thought from the circumstances, but in addition might adventure the peculiarity of the house layout and revel in the tactile sensation of the textured space."

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Original ventilation lattice of the house is applied as a screen for privacy on the shop front and 以及空间前端与就餐区之间的过渡区,完美地围合出私密空间。 between the front part and the dining area. 5. 中央空间内设置的家具有效地营造出亲密之感。 5. The furniture used at the central space helps to create privacy. 058 / 100 Restaurant Design Principles 6 6. Looking back from the dining area to the front part of the restaurant 6. 从后方的就餐区遥看餐厅的前端空间。 5 6 4 3 1 2 Panoramic View 全景模型图 059 CUISINE THEME DESIGN 菜系主题设计 14 Theme Design of Indian Cuisine 印度菜系主题设计 Indian cuisine is the combination of herbs and spices that emphasises simplicity and delicacy.

Nat. Fine Bio Food餐厅而设计,并巧妙地将餐厅空间划分成三个不 3 同的区域: 1. 设在厨房区前端的较高吧台状餐桌专为忙碌的用餐者而设置,自由、灵活的设计模式令 人仿佛置身于厨房柜台之中就餐; 2. 温馨的主餐厅环境令就餐者流连忘返。这一区间由两排卡座区完美地界定出来。设置在 卡座区中间的独立座椅和餐桌便于座位的灵活布局。所有的陈设元素构成了一个统一高度 的互动地带,从而打造出一个美妙的景观式空间; 3. 酒廊地带设置了若干独立的绿色小岛,便于多样化的座位配置。尽管这一区域的设计初 衷是打造一个典型的市中心消遣地带,却同时也成为了襁褓中的婴儿以及蹒跚学步的宝宝 们的小天地。如今,这一区域已经变身成年轻父母们的一个城市绿洲。该餐厅的一个设计 Panoramic View 亮点是一个浮动的外卖吧台,在与酒廊吧台整合之后,与人工合成的景观完美地融合为一 全景模型图 体。 6 035 CUISINE THEME DESIGN 菜系主题设计 8 Theme Design of Contemporary Asian Cuisine The Asian region has always been exotic and mysterious.

Diversity of Thai cuisine. 泰国菜,泛指泰国民族的饮食文化,其用料主要以海鲜、水 果、蔬菜为主。泰国菜以酸、辣、咸、甜、苦五味的平衡为 特点。泰国菜有四大菜系,分别为泰北菜、泰东北菜、泰中 菜、与泰南菜,反映泰国四方不同的地理和文化。 在本案例当中,设计师有意将中国传统庭院的造景方式引入其 中,并在入口处选用了中国传统的木雕纹样。通过将就餐区设 置在明亮的“庭院”空间中,强化了公共与私密的对比性。通 过这种空间的划分形式,反映出泰国菜系文化的多元属性。 In this case, the designers intend to imitate and adapt the courtyard of Chinese house and applies the Chinese wood carving patterns at the entrance. Dining area is set in the bright “courtyard” space which has enhanced the comparison of public and privacy.

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